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What You Need to Know when Renting an Instrument


  • Rent-to-Own: Monthly instrument rentals are Rent-to-Own which means you are building an equity into potentially owning the instrument one day but you’re not locked into a binding contract should you decide to return the instrument. Note: If your student is planning to continue band in September, it’s a good idea to keep the instrument over the summer so you don’t lose the equity you’ve already earned!
  • School Year Rental: School Year Rentals run from September though June and you are not building an equity into owning the instrument. This is a good option for students who would like to try an instrument for a year but may not be committed to sticking with that instrument going forward and may like to switch to another instrument the next school year! This contract converts automatically on July 1st to a monthly RTO contract. You may renew prior to July 1 for another school year, with July/August free rent!
  • Exchange: Up to 12 months of paid base rental,  may be applied to a lesser valued instrument. An exchange to a higher priced student instrument can be made by paying the difference in rental fees.
  • Purchase/Early Payoff: You may apply 100% of the paid rental fees (excluding school year contracts) toward the list price of the instrument being rented, and receive a 35% discount on the remaining balance for an early payoff. At that point, or when rental payments made equal the list price, the ownership of the instrument transfers to the lessee.
  • Cancellation of Rental Agreement: This rental contract may be canceled at any time, by returning the instrument to NEEDHAM MUSIC or one of it’s affiliates, in good condition, and paying any outstanding balance. The lessee is not entitled to a return of any payments previously made, and no payments will be pro-rated including school year payments.
  • Loss/Damage Waiver: For an additional monthly fee of anywhere from $4-20, an optional coverage for unintentional loss, damage and theft is available. Normal wear and normal wear items such as the finish, reeds, sticks, mouthpieces etc are excluded from the LDW coverage.
  • Maintenance Tips: Instruments Are Like Cars…Proper care of the instrument is essential to keep it working. Are they still using the same swab from 2 years ago? Make sure you have the proper oil, grease, swab, and cleaning tools, etc. *Special word to trumpet players, if you don’t clean your horn now, and don’t play it until September, it probably won’t work, because it will seize-up. Guitar players should look into doing an annual set-up.

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